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Interior plant design and maintenance in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose and Oakland

We are the leading source for interior plant design and maintenance in the entire San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose and Oakland.

The presence of plants at work, at home and in public spaces greatly improves quality of life and benefits everyone.

Choosing the right company to install and maintain your plants is of paramount importance. Not only do we offer outstanding plants, but our innovative design capabilities will give you a unique look which is guaranteed to impress. Our years of experience and dedication to excellence in customer service is all you will need to establish a successful interior plant program.

Interior Landscape Design

  • Live Plant Design
  • Installation
  • Guaranteed Maintenance
  • Long & Short Term Rentals
  • Office, Lobby, Atrium, Pool, Suites
  • Residential
  • Corporate
  • Tradeshows
  • Seasonal / Holiday Office Design
  • Artificial Plants
San Francisco Plant Container Rental

We enhance corporate workspace conference rooms, briefing centers, cafés, executive areas, and lobbies, giving clients the look we designed, installed and daily maintain for numerous San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland Corporate offices. The result is making employees happy and productive at an exceptional price - no money down & month to month lease = no risk.

We can give your employees a truly green workspace experience that promotes retention of the best and brightest at very affordable prices.

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